Monday, December 31, 2007

What in the world?

...are we teaching our kids?

Yes, yesterday was quite a day. After I got the kids skates on and them out on the rink I sat down to put on mine. Three boys came up and sat down. One got his skates on and was off on the rink. The second had his on and was waiting. The third was working on his. Then I hear this conversation:

Boy #1: Are you coming yet?
Boy #3: Oh, just go die!
Me: Hey, that was not a very nice thing to say to your friend.

Boy #2 takes off and the rink and Boy #3 turns to me and says, "Can you help get these on?"

I proceeded to help him like a mother without any further comment and he joined his friends.

Afterwards I thought, "Did I just miss an opportunity?" I'm sure I could have shared more about the love of Christ and how to treat your "friends" with respect, but I just couldn't get past the fact that without any further thought, an 11-12 year old boy told his friend to just go die. What kind of life does this child lead? Where did he hear that? Do his parents talk like that? His friends?

Oh, and let me add, chivalry is dying again too...try taking two little kids with their arms full of snow gear around with a ton of kids. I open the door for them and before they can step through a line of kids come barging through about knocking them over. Not once, but about three times. Ok, ending rant and starting the life lesson for us.

Next time we are at a store, or at a door, or driving in our cars, let's sit back and relax a little and remember the only thing worth rushing for is eternity, but that is WORTH WAITING FOR. Anything here is only for a moment. Let's teach our kids to be patient servants. Let's teach our boys to get the door for their sisters, moms, grandmas or whoever else might pass in their path. (Oh, and thanks Ron for OFFERING to carry skates for me - I appreciate the chivalry although I don't always take it - I would have dropped a few things getting them out of my arms!)

1 Peter 4:10
Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God's grace in its various forms.

What was that? "in its various forms" God's grace comes to us daily in all aspects of life, not just in one way. So let's administer it however we can today.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Just one of those days...

Today was just one of those days. You know, the days where you don't get anywhere on time, kids don't want to listen, nothing is in sync.

Well, that was today. Morning was all off, couldn't get the kids to church on time, ate lunch late, an extra dog appeared at our house, and on and on. Despite my better judgement, we went into camp this afternoon to go skating. I thought some exercise would get the kids ears working again! Camp was changing over between Elmbrook High School and Jr. High so it wasn't too busy which is nice. We ran into Lars Skoglund and Peter Miller briefly...they were off running to do something!

Skating was short but fun for the kids.

Kyle Skating

Sammie Concentrating

Both kids together

Kyle was a little more balanced than Sammie and they chugged around the rink. Then it was off to the Campgrounds to see Kelleigh and have some Mint Hot Chocolate.

Sammie's photo of Kelleigh in the Campgrounds (Coffee Shop)

Kyle Drawing a Train "Tattoo" on Kelleigh's Hand

The real event of the day was Kyle going to the bathroom by himself at Fort. He came running back giggling like crazy and proceeded to tell me that as he was leaving the bathroom, three boys were going in and he played a trick on them. He said he shut off the light and ran. It was one of those times where a good lecture was due right then but it was so unlike Kyle and he was laughing so much it was hard to keep a straight face. Also the fact that he added, "That was so much fun, I'm going to do it again sometime." So, the talk was delayed for about 15-20 minutes.

Ah, the joys of raising kids...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sno Rodeo!

Well, the annual Sno Rodeo is in full swing! Elmbrook came up on Dec. 27th and we actually had snow this year to welcome them! The kids and I spent most of the day at camp today. We first went cross-country skiing, then tubing and then to Campgrounds (the coffee shop) to greet past staff and warm up. I realize times aren't what they used to be. There are kids out doing stuff, but the ski trails were fairly empty, the tubing hill only had a few but the coffee shop and dining hall were pretty full! When I first came to Fort, you weren't sure if you could fit in cross-country skiing because there may not be enough skis available. Now, we're not sure if we can sit down and have a coffee, but the trails were empty. Interests are sure changing! I encourage any families coming up to get the kids out on the trails and in nature. It was great exercise and they can learn a lot.

Off we go...

Kyle is doing great...

Sammie was too...except this fall.

...and Rolling
Rolling down the hill after tubing

Snow Angel
Sammie the Snow Angel


Welcome to our new blog. It is always a struggle for us to take time to write letters and address them and stamp them and get to the Post Office to mail them. With 2 young kids, life takes over fast! So, we (actually Janet) is going to try a blog! We'll see how it goes! Feel free to hold me accountable to keeping it updated! I hope to show a picture of life at Fort but will also mingle in the daily activities of life outside the Fort too off and on.