Saturday, January 31, 2009

How to enjoy winter...

So, it's the end of January already and many are already getting sick of the snow, cold and ice. We're kind of glad it has just begun though! There is plenty of beautiful nature to still enjoy. Here is a glimpse of things we've seen in the last week!

Some turkeys on the road - it was -10 when this picture was taken and about -20 the night before:
Flock of Turkeys

Here is part of the flock having more of a discussion:
Turkeys on the road

As we passed through the potato fields today, we had to stop and looking at the trees covered with snow!
Frosted Trees 4

These pictures really don't do the view justice, but here is another anyway!
Frosted Trees

Ecclesiastes 3:1
"There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven."

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Body of Christ...Serving...

So, today was a fun day. Our Pastor mentioned in church that he met a young lady on Friday who is 19 years old. She is in the area to get a fresh start with only her phone, purse and clothes on her back. She is moving today into an unfurnished apartment and could use things to set up house.

Well, I know I had some extra pans, kitchen utensils, knives, and food sitting around so rather than going to the grocery store, we headed back home after church to have lunch and gather what we could. Sammie had fun raiding my pantry to pick things out and I cleaned out part of a drawer of seldom-used utensils. We drove to our pastor's house to help with what they had.

When we got there, we met a few other families and took everything to this girl. Our church was able to provide a bed, a dresser, kitchen supplies and food, a coffee table, bedding, towels, cleaning supplies, crock pot, toaster, etc. The shelter she was at provided a microwave, old vacuum, household goods, ironing board and much more. I had my whole Suburban full of things for her and another family had a pick-up truck full.

It was neat to see everyone work together to provide for her.

Now, we are praying that she comes to know Christ. All I know is her first name and that she is from Chicago, IL originally. We'll just call her "M". Our pastor got to share with her Friday, I got to talk to her briefly, but not more than answering her question of if I go to "the church" too. She seems to be working hard to find a job and go to school locally. We'll see what happens in the future!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Beautiful Double Rainbow! Actually two of them!

I totally forgot about taking these pictures back in late September. We were heading into church for AWANA when we spotted this rainbow, then double-rainbow. The kids were so excited about it because just a few weeks prior we had seen another double rainbow near the turn into McNaughton. It is very rare to see two double-rainbows in a few weeks!

In front of Pine Grove Community Church, late September:

Near Bridge Road in McNaughton, WI, early September:


Saturday, January 17, 2009

A glutton for punishment...well, not really it was easy and fun!

So, the kids did so well skiing last night, I decided to take them again. At least my two. Well, we were about to get ready to leave when 3 other staff kids magically appeared...all wanting to go with too! So, we talked to parents to make sure it was o.k. with them too and let them know how long it usually takes us (so as to not worry them because we take about double the time of the adults trying to keep everyone together). We got boots, skis, and polls and zipped up all the jackets. Then we formed the line and started out!

It was about 10 degrees, lots of snow on the ground, so a great time to be out in nature!

Please forgive the quality of pictures, I did not have my camera with so we used a kid one which isn't made for nice pictures.

Here are 4 out of the 5:
4 of the 5
(Amos - age 8 1/2, Sammie - age 7 1/2, Bridget - age 8, Kyle - age 5)

Our two kids:
Sammie and Kyle
(Kyle on the left, Sammie on the right)

Just a nice view of the snow covered trees:
Kids ahead

Kyle checking in and wanting to open up his jacket a tad:
What a face

One of the "intersections" where Kyle likes me to show him on the map where we are:

Proof that they do fall:
Oops mom, I fell

All five in age order:
All 5
(Kyle - 5, Sammie - 7 1/2, Bridget - 8, Amos - 8 1/2, Lizzie - 9)

Kyle's downhill "form":
Kyle's downhill pose

Naturally, Kyle got a little more photo time since he was closest to me.

The kids did a total of 2.2 miles again. None of the older ones needed help on any hills this round (up or down) or getting up ever. Kyle needed a little help on the steepest hill, but not too much!

It was great to see a lot of the Junior High students up this weekend skiing too.

We have Zionsville Fellowship from IN in this weekend and Westbrook. They seem to be having a great time so far!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life is just a big ball of string...

I had started another blog last year which I intended to keep the "non-Fort" things on for our family. Although we can compartmentalize our roles in various situations when we encounter them, I realize our lives are just a big complex ball of string and everything touches, so I'm just going to post it all here!

Monday night was our First Responder Monthly Training and Skills Check-off. What is that? Well, a minimum of twice a year we have to have check-offs for the hospital to prove we are competent in our skills. This time it was: AED, combi-tube, CPR, long board, KED, and a peds board. Of course my kids are always willing volunteers to be strapped in a board (in training only of course) so they volunteered.

Sammie having C-spine held (I need to get her some longer shirts - yikes!):

Sammie being rolled in-line to be placed on the board (there is Ryan who is working at Fort for the year):
Sammie rolled

Sammie with a C-collar and all strapped in:
Sammie in the Peds
(I think this is the last year in that board for her - normally kids are too big by 5 or 6 but I have a 7 1/2 year old peanut).

Kyle after being rolled on the board (Steve is in the brown):
Kyle on the Peds

Kyle later while it was being demonstrated how to use a KED as a substitute for a child backboard:
Kyle in the KED
He looks like he is enjoying being "injured". Wait until he gets old enough to understand the aches and pains!

We train each month/numerous times a year for various situations and when these are the conditions (dark, cold, late), we are glad we do.
(On scene of a recent accident).

Well, along with being First Responders/EMTs, Steve and I are also both Firefighters. Steve is our Department's Captain and Training Officer, I am a Lieutenant and Secretary and take care of the Health and Safety. I am currently going through State Certified Firefighter II Class which is more command structure, more advanced work on hose testing, fires, vehicle extrication, public education, etc. I took Certified I back in 2001-2002 so it was time for some more advanced training. I don't think I've ever had a picture in my fire gear, but a neighboring department caught me at training on January 7th. Look for the short person on the left with the red helmet, tan gear, tank and facepiece on ready to go in. That would be me...

If you can't find me, here is a closer view (I'm in the middle):
Janet - Training

Here is the fire we were "fighting":

Luckily it was only about 5-10 degrees that night, and when it was -20 this last Wednesday, we got to be inside.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

RBC is here!

Well sorry, no pictures today because I didn't take a camera into camp yesterday. I'll have to see if I can hunt down some of Fort's pictures.

However, all approximately 90 people from RBC arrived safely and seem to be having fun. It is great to see everyone from our home church and the kids are making us feel old. We remember most of them being born! Many our friends' kids instead of little brothers and sisters. Now we know how our parents feel!

Our adventure for the day was Sammie(7 1/2), Kyle(5), Lizzie(9), and Bridget(8) all coming skiing with me. We (my kids and I) have only ventured around the training loop and back the last 2 years. Well, we got brave yesterday and went on Hemlock. I am proud to say, 2.2 miles later, everyone was back safely. Kyle was such a trooper. He is about 1/2 the height of Lizzie and kept chugging. I did lose count of the falls, but they are getting better. Lizzie was good at heading up the line (I stayed in back to keep track of them all) and stopping to wait for everyone to catch up.

The session with RBC last night was very good. Tim Haumersen gave his testimony followed by Wayne Beilgard speaking. The kids seemed to be very attentive to his message. I hope they will have lots of great stories to bring home.

Well, time for us to head into camp for the session this a.m. Have a wonderful Sunday!