Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life is just a big ball of string...

I had started another blog last year which I intended to keep the "non-Fort" things on for our family. Although we can compartmentalize our roles in various situations when we encounter them, I realize our lives are just a big complex ball of string and everything touches, so I'm just going to post it all here!

Monday night was our First Responder Monthly Training and Skills Check-off. What is that? Well, a minimum of twice a year we have to have check-offs for the hospital to prove we are competent in our skills. This time it was: AED, combi-tube, CPR, long board, KED, and a peds board. Of course my kids are always willing volunteers to be strapped in a board (in training only of course) so they volunteered.

Sammie having C-spine held (I need to get her some longer shirts - yikes!):

Sammie being rolled in-line to be placed on the board (there is Ryan who is working at Fort for the year):
Sammie rolled

Sammie with a C-collar and all strapped in:
Sammie in the Peds
(I think this is the last year in that board for her - normally kids are too big by 5 or 6 but I have a 7 1/2 year old peanut).

Kyle after being rolled on the board (Steve is in the brown):
Kyle on the Peds

Kyle later while it was being demonstrated how to use a KED as a substitute for a child backboard:
Kyle in the KED
He looks like he is enjoying being "injured". Wait until he gets old enough to understand the aches and pains!

We train each month/numerous times a year for various situations and when these are the conditions (dark, cold, late), we are glad we do.
(On scene of a recent accident).

Well, along with being First Responders/EMTs, Steve and I are also both Firefighters. Steve is our Department's Captain and Training Officer, I am a Lieutenant and Secretary and take care of the Health and Safety. I am currently going through State Certified Firefighter II Class which is more command structure, more advanced work on hose testing, fires, vehicle extrication, public education, etc. I took Certified I back in 2001-2002 so it was time for some more advanced training. I don't think I've ever had a picture in my fire gear, but a neighboring department caught me at training on January 7th. Look for the short person on the left with the red helmet, tan gear, tank and facepiece on ready to go in. That would be me...

If you can't find me, here is a closer view (I'm in the middle):
Janet - Training

Here is the fire we were "fighting":

Luckily it was only about 5-10 degrees that night, and when it was -20 this last Wednesday, we got to be inside.

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