Sunday, January 11, 2009

RBC is here!

Well sorry, no pictures today because I didn't take a camera into camp yesterday. I'll have to see if I can hunt down some of Fort's pictures.

However, all approximately 90 people from RBC arrived safely and seem to be having fun. It is great to see everyone from our home church and the kids are making us feel old. We remember most of them being born! Many our friends' kids instead of little brothers and sisters. Now we know how our parents feel!

Our adventure for the day was Sammie(7 1/2), Kyle(5), Lizzie(9), and Bridget(8) all coming skiing with me. We (my kids and I) have only ventured around the training loop and back the last 2 years. Well, we got brave yesterday and went on Hemlock. I am proud to say, 2.2 miles later, everyone was back safely. Kyle was such a trooper. He is about 1/2 the height of Lizzie and kept chugging. I did lose count of the falls, but they are getting better. Lizzie was good at heading up the line (I stayed in back to keep track of them all) and stopping to wait for everyone to catch up.

The session with RBC last night was very good. Tim Haumersen gave his testimony followed by Wayne Beilgard speaking. The kids seemed to be very attentive to his message. I hope they will have lots of great stories to bring home.

Well, time for us to head into camp for the session this a.m. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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