Saturday, February 2, 2008

It's a heat wave!

Yeah! It's warm today - in fact I think we got up to 30 degrees! That's about 50 degrees warmer than a week or so ago! Needless to say, we've been busy and cold in the northwoods. Last weekend camp was pretty crowded with campers and Steve put in some long, exhausting days. The kids have been fighting colds - Sammie won, Kyle lost, but he's starting to feel a little better.

This weekend there are more campers, not as bad as last weekend but the kids are taking little break from camp. The kids went to the library today. Kyle of course only picked out train books and Sammie picked out a variety. Kyle desperately wants to learn to read (like big sister) so we started working on that today too. He also is having lots of fun in Cubbies learning his verses.

Next week this time, we will probably have a report from the Valentine's Banquet this Friday. It should be a fun night - Carribean theme.

We hope you are having a great day and enjoy the Superbowl tomorrow!

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