Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's Planting Day!

Well, we stopped in at camp for a brief bit...a lot of summer staff has arrived and they are working and learning. In about a week, we'll be doing a lifeguarding course for the area camps (Fort Wilderness, Honey Rock, and Crescent Lake Bible Camp). Today though, Steve is working hard and we (myself and the kids) came home to plant some things.

The kids have some flowers, I have some veggies, and the kids are now enjoying some reading together in the yard.

We borrowed a camera today for a few shots...Kyle and Sammie took most of the pictures! I only took the ones both of them were in. Enjoy! ...oh, and please note we are VERY novice gardeners. The kids are as good as I am so hopefully some things will grow!

Kids proud of their flowers:
Kids Flowers

Hanging Tomatoes and Feeders:
Hanging Tomatoes

Mommy with a dirty Kyle:
Mommy and Kyle

Discussing life over a good book:
Reading Together

Some more reading:
More Reading

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