Saturday, May 2, 2009

May is here - yeah!

We are SOOOOOO glad May in finally here. April was insane for our family, especially for me.

My rough totals were:
180 hours of work
60 hours of sitting in classes (Hazardous Materials, weather spotting, EMT refresher, etc.)
15 hours teaching (I trained 3 new First Aid/CPR instructors this month)
12 hours of Fire Dept. activities (meetings, training, etc.)
AWANA, church, school activities, piano lessons for Sammie, playing with the kids, Gathering Place Grand Opening, etc.

Sammie and Kyle finished another year of AWANA graduating to TNT and Sparks respectively. Sammie also had read over 150 books in school this year, and over 1,100,000 words.

Not to mention Steve was on the Marine Biology Trip for 11 days. Luckily my mom came up to help occupy the kids and help out.

So, we are glad to slow down the pace immensely and breath in some of the spring air.

Yesterday, camp started a Biggest Loser/Fitness Challenge for Staff. Since I personally won't be too competitive losing weight, I'm doing the fitness part. Yesterday I put in about 5 miles of walking. Today my ankles really hurt! I took a line drive to my left ankle last July. I didn't break it, but it was badly bruised and I thought better by now...wrong! I guess we're also getting old too! So, today I needed a little rest from walking/running activities and we joined Steve for the canoe trip down the river. I hope you enjoy a few pictures from today's trip with the guys up for the Men's Retreat at Fort.

A tree Kyle and I saw on our walk yesterday:

Steve paddling:

Kyle paddling:

Sammie out cold:

A view on the river:

We all hope you are getting out to enjoy the spring weather. We're looking forward to it being warm enough to start planting someday.

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