Friday, May 29, 2009

Pray for this girl...

On January 25, 2009, I posted about a girl new to our area that we got to meet and help. She had been doing well with a job, finishing her GED and getting settled. Old influences die hard, especially when your exposure to Christ is new, and you haven't made a profession of faith. She made some unwise choices this weekend and was in a really horrible car accident. She was flighted to another city for care for her injuries. As of today, she is alive, but has very serious injuries. There is brain injury/swelling, loss of an ear, loss of part of an arm, lacerations, a lacerated liver that was repaired, etc. She is heavily sedated and having help with breathing. Her mother has joined her. A church in the area has someone ministering to the mother and was enjoyed that the mother had a bible open, verses hi-lighted and was reading to her daughter. Please pray that this girl survives, her injuries will heal and most importantly that her mind and heart will come to Christ through all this. I've referred to her in the past as "M". Thanks.

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