Thursday, June 12, 2008

A little fun...

Well, tonight we had the lifeguards over for dinner. Molly requested spaghetti and Peanut Butter Cup trifle so she got her wish. The kids had a blast and Sammie even made flowers and welcome signs for them. Kyle made each one a paper airplane.

Here is Stephanie our head guard for the year trying to show off those muscles:

Kevin was trying to be serious and watch a movie and can't figure out what Stephanie was really doing:

Here is Sammie and Kyle along with Molly, Craig and Stephanie (I don't know how Craig got lost in there - that's hard to do!):

The guards were all nice enough to stay a little late so Steve and I could run off to a medical call.

The only disappointment? I have more leftovers than normal...I guess we haven't worked them hard enough yet. That comes starting Saturday! Camp begins!!!!

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