Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Look Ma - no hands! (I mean training wheels)

So, we are now on day #3 in a row of no training wheels - for both kids! Kyle is just about too big for his toddler bike so I found him a "boy's bike" at Goodwill for about $5.00 - can't beat that! I figured it would also be good for Sammie to try without training wheels. We've tried a few times before but she'd get frustrated really fast and want her training wheels on. She's just finally getting to enjoy a bike at age 7 unlike Kyle who was already biking almost 2 miles at age 3!

Well, both tried and BOTH are getting the hang of it pretty well. Kyle was actually doing better than Sammie last night, but Sammie was catching up tonight.

Here are some pictures of tonight's efforts:

Safe! (It takes a few falls to get it right...)

Mastering the turn:

Got it down!

...and a special thanks to friends in MN who just sent me their old, but absolutely WONDERFUL digital camera so I can take pictures this summer!!!! Thank you!!!!

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Kitchen Diva said...

Loved the pictures, Janet! :) Your kids are too cute! I wish that I could have gotten Lily to spend more time on the bike we bought her, but she just didn't seem interested.

Glad you enjoy the camera. Like I said- we only had it for about 2.5 years and it worked great- but DH wanted an upgrade...