Tuesday, January 8, 2008

AWANA and other things...

Well, tonight we started back with AWANA after 4 whole weeks off! It seemed like forever. Kyle is in his first year of Cubbies this year and Sammie is in her second year of Sparks, her fourth year of AWANA. Sammie is currently working on her book review. I am a Sparks leader for the fourth consecutive year at Pine Grove, and have lost count of my total years in AWANA. The K-2nd group is a fun group to deal with. They are generally eager to learn and still dependent on adults in a sense.

This weekend RBC will be up at Fort! If you are part of our "current life" and not our "Racine life", check the links in the right column. RBC is Racine Bible Church, our home church in Racine. Please pray for safe travels for them and for our weather to get colder and snow again. It was BEAUTIFUL up until this past weekend then it got warm and we have slush, mud, ice...YUK! Not fun for driving, not good for winter fun!

Also, the speaker for RBC's youth is Pastor Gary Barrett, Senior Pastor of Newfolden Evangelical Free Church in MN. He is the former youth pastor of RBC, having left about 13-14 years ago. I have talked to him over the years but haven't seen him in all that time! It will be great to see him and introduce him to the kids. Hmm, wonder if he can still handle broomball. (Also wondering if I still can!!!).

Well, it is late here in the northwoods and we need sleep so have a wonderful week and keep Fort in your prayers for the weekend!

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