Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back to the routine...

Well, yesterday was a day off of Fort for Steve, but for the rest of us, it was back to routine. Sammie off to school, Kyle off to a sitter, and me off to work. Back to the bundling up in the cold in the morning, picking up the Brood boys to take to school with Sammie, and off we go...

Sammie was definitely enjoying Christmas vacation but seemed happy and content to be back in school again. Kyle's big adventure of the day was taking a 100 piece puzzle to the sitter. I found out when I picked him up he did the entire thing without help! He is in love with puzzles lately.

I went back to the routine of work with plenty of things to do...servers to get going, conveyors to check on, E-bay stuff to list, never an end to variety luckily. However, after a long day of work, everyone is tired. Our routine isn't over though. When I pick up the kids, Kyle is barely buckled before he says, "Mom, can you please turn on la-la songs?" What are la-la songs you ask? La-la songs is a tape called "Shout to the Lord Kids" that I got him a little over 1 year ago. It is not allowed to leave the cassette player in my van. He listens to it EVERY time he is in the van over and over and over again. I'm still trying to figure out what is going to wear out first...the cassette player in the van, or the cassette tape itself.

This particular afternoon, the song that came on first was "Let Everything that Has Breath". It's fun to listen to the kids singing "everything that", "everything that". By now, both kids know almost every word.

This song has quite a great message today though, the verse goes:

Praise you in the morning
Praise you in the evening
Praise you when I'm young and when I'm old
Praise you when I'm laughing
Praise you when I'm grieving
Praise you every season of the soul

If you could see how much you're worth
Your power, you're might, your endless love
Then surely we would never cease to praise you!

Try to imagine that? Never ceasing to praise...we're already commanded to pray without ceasing. We should also love God so much and be thankful for all He has done that we never cease to praise either. Have a headache yet? I know I do. God has set eternity in the hearts of man, but our finite minds are not yet capable of fully grasping eternity and how large and vast that is and how we can fully pray and praise God continually. Yet, He commands us to do it. We need to learn to work in continual prayer and praise in our daily lives. We need to pray and praise in every season of our soul. Easy to do when life is great, huh? Now try to remember that when live comes crashing down on you sometime. A little harder, but it will make those bad times just a little better. God doesn't promise us a perfect life as Christians, in fact, it is worse because we do not think as the world thinks and have just surrounded ourselves with those contradicting mindsets. But eternity is worth it!

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