Sunday, January 13, 2008

RBC Weekend!

Well, the weekend isn't over but it was a great time so far! For those who are wondering how Gary is doing, Chris Varebrook said it best, "Same old crazy, energetic Gary, just a little more grey." I didn't get a picture of Gary, but I think others did. Sammie, Kyle and I sat in on Gary's session this morning and he is doing a great job challenging the kids about living intentionally. I challenge you to ask them when they get home what that means and how they are going to implement that. Todd Kellner gave his testimony to them this morning and Bruce Ziolkowski (Fort Staff) also gave his.

The kids seemed to be enjoying the outdoors with skiing, tubing, horseback riding, sleigh rides, broomball, card cames and Connect Four, the coffee shop and much more! There were a few bumps and bruises along the way (mostly during broomball), but everyone is doing good, including Kira who cracked her clavicle slipping on the ice and falling. She at least got a sleigh ride in today!!! The picture is a little dark but she is smiling!


Kyle and Sammie also enjoyed the sleigh ride though the woods and Jackson Rich, Silas and Amos Brood, and Sammie and Kyle all played on a big hill of snow down at the stables.


We also seemed to have quite a reunion of people who used to travel to Fort together. Bryan Andersen, Nathan Westcomb, Todd Kellner, Chris Varebrook, Chad Andersen, Chad Rich, Steve and myself, Dave Westcomb, Dave Wohlgemuth, Amy (Black)Papillion and I'm sure I've missed someone! Nathan Black was also up visiting the Riches. It was neat to see everyone together a good 15-20 years after their last trip as a highschooler. It is a reminder of how much Fort can have an impact on peoples' lives and build friendships.

We also appreciated the kitchen help from Brian and Sue Walley, Dave and Laura Wohlgemuth and dish crew help from Bryan Andersen and Nathan Westcomb!

Well, tomorrow ends their trip, so we hope they have a safe trip back to Racine and come to visit us all again soon!

P.S. The weather turned out to be practically perfect!

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Kelly said...

Was absolutely wonderful to see you all and visit a bit. The clothes are a huge blessing - Thank you just oodles over.
Caleb Ladd is going to FORT this weekend, I think. I may get to send the tubs back with him. If not, I'll pass them to your Mom.

Happy Week to you, Janet. I'm sure glad to hear you survived the frigid temps of last weekend!!! Brrr, we were more then a little grateful that we had come a week earlier this year....