Thursday, January 10, 2008

Steve's Turn - A day in the life of a techie...

What's been happening at Fort behind the scenes? Well, we are into the winter session and I'm balancing Ski Haus/Medical duties during the weekend along with all the network projects I have. One of the projects is making two rack mount servers to handle file storage on the network out of some older computers. For some reason, camp management doesn't like it when I ask for a new $10,000 server...something about budgets?

So, I've become a very accomplish scrounger when I need to be. Exactly the reason I'm rebuilding desktop computers into servers. Well, the new cases arrived when we came back after Christmas and I am ready to dig into the project. I look at the first box and get a very sick feeling...this is not good.


The box looked really bad. The inside didn't get much better!


As you can see, the power supply was crushed! Not to mention that someone missed the big "HANDLE WITH CARE" nicely printed on the top of the box.


The good news was only one of the cases was damaged. The bad news was I had to spend 2 hours on the phone to get the power supply replaced.

While I am still waiting on the replacement I almost have the first server done and ready to bring online. That will free up a lot of space for all of Fort's data.

Now, on to some medical stuff and God's provision:

Last weekend, the Lord protected a young lady at camp. She went out cross-country skiing and decided to go off on her own and separate from her group. She proceeded to go on a trail that wasn't open and thought she was lost. All the while she was on an ungroomed ski trail. The weekend was warm and the lakes had a layer of slush on top of the ice and as she was skiing across the lake, one of the skis started to ice up and stop moving. So, she decided to remove her skis and walk but couldn't get the ski boot off the ski so she took of her boots and proceeded to walk the last mile and a half in her socks. Needless to say, she ended up with some frostbite on her toes but God protected her from a lot worse!

Not too often a boring time here up north...

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